British Riding Clubs run a variety of competitions, holding several National Championships every year. This covers a range of disciplines from Dressage to Show Jumping to Showing Classes.


All Milton Keynes Riding Club members are encouraged to take part in these competitions, so please get in touch if you would like to compete on behalf of the club at these events.  Everyone is welcome to join in.


We would love to enter more than one team to any of the competitions that come up; some people are competitive, but not all, some people just want to try their best and have fun.


Above all we want the MKRC team selection process to be inclusive not exclusive. We hope we can offer something for everyone and get rid of any ‘elitism’ thoughts people may have about riding club teams. Our riding club is about our members and we hope that people who have not previously got involved in teams will think about having a go.


Please remember that for all Area competitions all horses/ponies need to be fully flu vaccinated in accordance with jockey club rules. Please ask if you are in any doubt. Once we have put pre-entries in, under BRC rules we are committed to pay the full entry fee, so if you find you cannot compete and we cannot find a reserve, you will have to still pay the entry fee—sorry!


Thanks to those of you that have already expressed an interest in the team competitions.  For everyone else who would like to compete please let us know!.


BRC Whip & Spurs Rules from 2020

BRC have implemented the same rule as BS regarding whips & spurs.  This is listed in the rule book and applies to Show Jumping, Style Jumping, Horse Trails, FOTH Challenge, Arena Eventing and Combined Training.  

They are only allowing cushioned whips.  Please note, however, that these do not need to be a specific make.  There are several good value cushioned whips available, so it does not need to be an expensive change.  Please note Le Mieux have had a batch of whips that were the incorrect size so please check.

More information is in this link -



BRC Vaccination Rule 2020

British RC will be following BEF advice and requiring Equine Influenza vaccination within 6 calendar months (plus a period of grace of 21 days) before the date of Area competitions.  No vaccination should have been given in the 7 days prior to competition.  This comes into effect from March 1st. This does NOT mean horses must be vaccinated every 6 months (although of course that is your decision and your vet may recommend it).  It will, though, need careful timing to be covered for the entire RC season if you wish to compete at every competition, particularly taking the clear 7 days into account.