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Events and Clinics


** COVID 19 UPDATE ** Events & clinics are resuming from end of June, taking into account government & BRC guidelines.


Events to be held at: MKEquestrian Centre, Castlethorpe Rd, Hanslope, Milton Keynes MK19 7HQ (unless otherwise stated)

  Date:                                        Type of event:                                   Venue:                                      Further Details:


1st Aug                                 Polework clinic with Rebecca Drane                  Leckhamsted


7th Aug                                 Dressage clinic with Lindsay Gammon              Water Stratford


9th Aug                                 Le Trec clinic with Jane Hussell                         MKEC


11th Aug                               MKRC Evening Dressage competition               MKEC


16th Aug                               XC clinic with Jane Hussell                                 MKEC


16th Aug                               Area 7 Dressage to Music                                  Keysoe


23rd Aug                               Flatwork & test prep clinic with Kate Davis        RB Equestrian


29th Aug                               Polework clinic with Rebecca Drane                  Leckhamsted


31st Aug                               MKRC Showjumping competition                       MKEC


5-6 Sept                                NAF Five Star National Champs                        Lincoln


13th Sept                              Festival of the Horse                                           Keysoe


15th Sept                              MKRC Dressage Championship                         MKEC


20th Sept                              Gridwork clinic with Jane Hussell (afternoon)     MKEC


31st Oct                                Showjumping clinic with Jane Hussell                MKEC


  tbc                                      Saddles Direct Quadrille Selection Trial             TBC

  tbc                                      Saddles Direct Quadrille of the year                   TBC


13th Feb                                BRC Winter Dressage Qualifier                         Keysoe







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To enter a clinic or competition, click on ENTRIES, above, where they will be listed when entries are open.  

New BRC rules apply to whips and vaccinations.  Further information is here